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A Bit About Me...

Hello and welcome to my website.


My name is Hannah Green and I am a Fully-Qualified Person Centred Counsellor, based in Macclesfield.

I have several years experience, working with adults, children and young people; supporting them through a range of difficulties and traumas.


I offer a non-judgmental safe-space, for you to share, explore and work through your feelings.

I believe that my clients have the ability to make changes for themselves and with the right support, we can work together to help you achieve personal growth and fulfilment

I work with clients online via Zoom or Phone.

Mountain Ridge


I offer one to one counselling sessions for adults and young people from 13yrs onwards. Counselling can be either long term or short term, with weekly sessions lasting 50 minutes.

I am available to offer telephone or Zoom counselling sessions.  


I strongly believe that finding a counsellor you feel comfortable with is important. To help with this process, I offer a free consultation via telephone, which lasts around 20 minutes. Then, if you wish to move forward, each session will be charged at £50 for 50 minutes.



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I am a MBACP Qualified Counsellor, who specialises in 'Person Centred' counselling. This means, that all the sessions are led by you and will move at a pace you feel comfortable with. I will be there to walk with you every step of the way, offering a safe-space for you to explore your inner-world on a deeper level.

I believe that every person is unique. That we all have different life experiences and ways of doing things. As such, I tailor a variety of evidence-based theories, approaches and techniques, to suit the individual.

During each session, we work together to understand what has been happening in your life. We will explore behaviours, thought-patterns, reactions and feelings; to find new ways of moving forward.

I believe this person-centred approach provides the best opportunity for growth and healing; empowering you to become a more self-aware, understanding and healthier individual.




Private counselling and therapy based in Cheshire East & Online

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